Sky Vistas
Astrophotography by Gerald Rhemann



To explain a cometary coma Wikipedia make use of one of
my comet images

Lucy & Stephen Hawking

I am very proud that Mr.Hawking personally requested
one of our comet images for his new book.

Capturing the stars

Astrophotography by the Masters/by Robert Gendler.
I am very proud that my images appear in this book.

Explore the southern Milky Ways dark clouds

Astronomy Magazine September 2008

NASA website

A lot of links on the NASA website are pointing to my website

Astronomy for Binoculars and Richest-Field Telescopes

Springer Wien/New York
ISBN 3-211-00851

Website Don Machholz

Several images of comet Machholz C/2004 Q2 which I have taken
can be found on the comet hunters website.

Hubble Heritage Team

Our base ground images of comet 73P/SW3 are compared to Hubble images

Practical Astronomer Nov.2007

Astrophotography under the dark sky of Namibia.

Beautiful Universe 2008

The Most Awesome and Inspiring Images of the Heavens