Sky Vistas
Astrophotography by Gerald Rhemann

About me

I have been sky-shooting since 1989. I photograph under the clear skies of the Austrian Alps, the Canary Islands, and the deserts of Namibia. I was born in Vienna, where I owned a camera store. Currently I work as a sales manager and consultant for Astro Systeme Austria, which is a company producing high quality Astrographs.

I am specialized in deep, wide-field vistas of the Milky Way using short-focal-length telescopes and large-format CCD cameras. In partnership with my friend Michael Jäger we are searching the sky for undiscovered comets and record those which are currently visible.

Our comet pictures are of great interest to the scientific community. Thus our comet pictures are frequently published on the NASA-webpage. It was a privilege to us that Steven Hawking personally decided to print one of our comet pictures in his new book “Georges secret key to the Universe” written by him and his daughter.

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