Sky Vistas
Astrophotography by Gerald Rhemann

Deep Sky Objects

Object: M 20 Trifid Nebulae Constellation Sagittarius
Object: Dust around Antares and clusters M4 and NGC 6144
Object: Sh2-1 Sharpless Nebula Constellation Scorpius
Object: IC 2602 "Southern Pleiades" Constellation Carina
Object: Cederblad 51 Constellation Orion
Object: Eta Carina Nebula NGC 3372 Mosaic of 3 panels
Object: Globular Cluster NGC 104 in Constalltion Tucanae
Object: Cometary Globule CG 30 constellation Vela
Object: IC 2220 bipolar and biconical reflection nebula Constellation Carina
Object: M8 Lagoon Nebula Constellation Scutum
Object: Galaxy NGC 253 Constellation Sculptor
Object: Galaxy NGC 300 Constellation Sculptor
Object: Galaxy NGC 247 Constellation Cetus
Object: M45 Constellation Taurus
Object: NGC 1788 Constellation Orion
Object: Corona Australis Region
Object: IC 2118 Witch-Head-Nebula Constellation Orion
October 2021 Telescope at the Observatory in Namibia points to Orion
Object: Constellation Orion
Object: IC 434 Horsehead Nebula
October 7 2021 Maintenance work at the Observatory in Namibia is completed
Object: NGC6595_NGC6589 Relfexions and Emission Nebulae in constellation Sagittarius
Object: Barnard 72 or Snake Nebulae in constellation Ophiuchus
Object: M8 Lagoon Nebula in constellation Sagittarius
Object: NGC 6164-65 Bipolar Nebula and NGC 6188 in Constellation Ara
Object: NGC 6164-65 Bipolar Nebula in Constellation Norma
Object: Dark Tower - a cometary globule in constellation Scorpius
Object: Part of the Vela Super Nova Rest
Object: NGC 3532 Constellation Carina
Object: NGC 3576 and NGC 3603 Constellation Carina
Object: CG4 cometary globule Constellation Puppis
Object: Orion January 2021
Object: LBN 468 in Constellation Cepheus/Draco Border
Object: M42 and M43 Constellation Orion
Object: M20 Trifid Nebula April 2018
Object: IC 4603 Constallation Scorpius April 2018
Object: NGC 5367 Constallation Centaurus April 2018
Object: IC 2944 Constallation Centaurus April 2018
Object: Gum 15 Constallation Vela April 2018
Object: Be 149 April 2018
Object: NGC 5128 April 2018
Object: NGC 6726 April 2018
Object: Impression of the farm terrain at night
Object: Observatory with ASA 12" and DDM85 and roof open
Object: Milky Way on Farm Tivoli
Object: ASA 12" on DDM 85 oriented towards the milky way
Object: Milky Way on Farm Tivoli near the appartments
Object: Milky Way on Farm Tivoli
Object: NGC 3372 in Narrow Band April 2018
Object: NGC 3372 April 2018
Object: NGC 6559 April 2018
Object: M8 April 2018
Object: NGC 3324 and NGC 3293 April 2018
Object: Galaxy M31 Andromeda
Object: Part of Vela SNR
Object: NGC 3324 Constellation Carina
Object: NGC 5139 Constellation Centaurus
Object: M42 Great Orion Nebula Constellation Orion
Object: Fox Fur Nebula Constellation Monoceros
Object: IC 2944 Emission Nebula Constellation Centaurus
Object: NGC 6357 and NGC 6334
Object: NGC 6188 and NGC 6164 and others
Object: Open Cluster NGC3532 and Emission Nebula NGC3576/3603
Object: Dust, Reflection Nebulas and Globular Cluster in Constellation Corona Australis
Object: Gum 12 Nebula and clusters NGC2477 NGC2451
Object: Molecular Cloud near South Pole
Object: M6 and Surroundings Mosaic of two panels small version
Object: Large Magellanic Cloud Constellation Mensa/Dorado
Object: Summer Milky Way
Object: NGC 3372 Constellation Carina
Object: IC434 Horse Head Nebula Constellation Orion
Object: NGC 2359 Thors Helmet Constellation Canis Major
Object: NGC 7293 Helix Nebula Constellation Aquarius
Object: NGC 6188/ARA
Object: Vela SNR 6Panel Mosaic Larger Version
Object: Vela SNR 6Panel Mosaic Small Version
Object: Vela SNR 6Panel Mosaic
Object: NGC 6188 (One of 25 panels of a Milky Way Mosaic)
Object: Open Cluster NGC 2547 Constellation Vela
Object: Cometary Globule CG1 and CG2 Constellation Puppis
NGC 2170 Constellation Monoceros
Object: Galaxy NGC 1365 Constellation Fornax
Object: NGC 1977 Constellation Orion
Object: NGC 253 Constellation Sculptor
Object: M42 and surrounding area
Object: IC 4628 Constellation Scorpius
Object: IC 4628 Constellation Scorpius
Object: IC 4628 Constellation Scorpius
Object: IC 4628 Constellation Scorpius
Object: M31
Object: M78 and surrounding area
NGC 2264 and surrounding area Constellation Monoceros
Object: IC2177/Constellation Monoceros_Small Version
Object: IC2177/Constellation Monoceros_Large Version
Object: IC 405 IC410/Constellation Auriga
Object: Vdb142/Cepheus
Object:Nebulas and clusters in constellation Carina
Object: NGC 5128 Constellation Centaurus
Object:Large Magellanic Cloud Constellation Mensa/Dorado
Object: Gum 15 and 17 Vela
Object: IC 4592 / Scorpius
Object: Small Magellanic Cloud and NGC104 Tucana
Object: NGC 6559 Sagittarius
Object: NGC 6589 Sagittarius
Object: NGC 7293 Helix Nebula/Aquarius
Object: Reflection and Emission Nebulas Scorpius/Ophiuchus IMAGE DETAIL
Object: Reflection and Emission Nebulas Scorpius/Ophiuchus OVERVIEW
Object: Dark Tower cometary globule, IC 4628, NGC 6231 Scorpius
Object: NGC4372/Musca
Object: Dark cloud in Sh 2-27 /Ophiuchus
Object: Sh2-1 Scorpius
Object: Objects around Antares/Scorpius LARGER VERSION
Object: Comet C/2011L4 PANSTARRS/Scorpius
Object: Objects around Antares/Scorpius
Object: M100/Coma Berenices
Object: NGC1333 /Perseus
Object: NGC7635/Cassiopeia
Object: NGC206/Andromeda
Object: IC 1805/Cassiopeia
Object: IC 1848/Cassiopeia
Object: IC 59 IC 63/Cassiopeia
Object: Sh2-155/Cepheus
Object: M31 Andromeda Galaxy
Object: NGC 7023/Cepheus
Object: NGC 2547/Vela
Object: NGC 6357/Scorpius
Object: NGC 4565 Coma Berenices
Object: M13 Hercules
Object: M82 Ursa Major
Object: M81 Ursa Major
Object: NGC2244 Monoceros
Object: IC 343 Orion
Object: M78 Orion
Object: Comet 103P/Hartley2 and NGC869 NGC 884
Object: NGC 6744
Object: NGC 5139 Omega Centauri Cluster
Object: NGC 6914
Object: NGC 6960
Object: IC 4605
Object: IC 2944
Object: NGC IC5067
Object: NGC 6589
Object: M 16
Object: NGC 6193 / ARA
Object: M83
Object: NGC 2736
Object: Homunculus Nebula/Eta Carina
Object: Part of VELA SNR
Object: M4
Object: M17
Object: NGC 6726 High Res.
Object: NGC 6726
Object: Dark Tower/Cometary Globule/Scorpius
Object: M20
Object: M20 center
Object: NGC 4038_39
Object: M8
Object: NGC5128/CentaurusA
Object: IC443/GEMINI
Object: M35 and NGC2158/GEMINI
Object: IC410/Auriga
Object: HH46 and HH47/VELA
Object: M83/HYDRA
Object: CG 4/PUPPIS
Object: Summer Milky Way
Object: NGC3372 overview/CARINA
Object: IC 2220/CARINA
Object: IC4633/APUS
Object: IC4628/SCORPIUS
Object: Vela SNR/VELA
Object: Vela SNR/VELA
Object: IC4592/SCORPIUS
Object: IC4603/OPHIUCHI
Object: NGC3372/CARINA
Object: Ced111/CHAMAELEON
Object: NGC 3324/CARINA
Object: NGC 6188/ARA
Object: NGC 7000/CYGNUS
Object: IC 1805/CASSIOPEIA
Object: M81 and M82/Ursa Major
Object: M16/Serpens
Object: Horsehead Nebula
Object: M45 The Plejades
Object: M106/Canes Venatici
Object: Omega Centauri/CENTAURUS
Object: NGC6188 overview/ARA
Object: NGC6334/Scorpius
Object: NGC6231 and Dark Tower/Scorpius
Object: CG30andCG31 cometary globules/VELA
Object: Eta Carina Panorama/CARINA
Object: M65,M66,NGC3628/LEO
Object: NGC6357/SCORPIUS